• 1. Freely
    2. Out Of My Mind
    3. Congratulations
    4. Habits
    5. Like That Sun
    6. Colors

The Day


JYP First Boy Band of 6, DAY6, Debuts with the 1st mini album ‘The Day’!
JYP New Band DAY6, Participates in ‘Writing-Composing’ All Tracks in the 1st mini album ‘The Day’

- DAY6, JYP First Boy Band of 6, Consists of 6 Members, Sung Jin, Jae, Jun Hyeok, Young K, Won Pil, and Do Woon.
- In the 1st mini album ‘The Day’, DAY6 Members Participate in ‘Writing-Composing’ All Tracks.
- ‘The Day’, a High Quality Album with Various Genres Such as Pop Rock, Synth Pop, and Electronic.
- The Title Track ‘Congratulations’, an Impressive Song with Fresh Melody and Sensuous Lyrics that Contains the Last Words to One’s Lover Who Now Loves Someone Else.

JYP Entertainment’s new band, DAY6 officially debuts with the 1st mini album ‘The Day.’

DAY6 is a new band of 6, Sung Jin(guitar & main vocal), Jae(guitar & vocal & rap), Jun Hyeok(keyboards & vocal), Young K(bass & vocal & rap), Won Pil(synth keyboards & vocal), and Do Woon(drums), with vocal talent as well as writing and composing skills.

This debut album ‘The Day’ also captivates the listeners as all of DAY6 members participate in writing and composing the songs.

Including the title track ‘Congratulations’, ‘Freely’, ‘Out Of My Mind’, ‘Habits’, ‘Like That Sun’, and ‘Colors’ definitely shows DAY6’s unique freewheeling attraction. Especially, this high quality album with a total of 6 songs in various sound that combines diverse genres such as Pop Rock, Synth Pop, and electronic, foreshows a sensation in music world.

The title track ‘Congratulations’ is a co-work of DAY6, producer 홍지상, and 이우민 ‘collapsedone’. The song contains frank lyrics about the last words to one’s lover who now loves someone else. The sensuous and irony lyrics and different composition that starts from the middle make the song fresh.

Furthermore, the song adequately mixes melody, code, and sound sauces that are not so difficult to the public with elements of different genres, making the song even more unique.

In addition, the album contains a total of 6 tracks including the title track. ‘Freely’ includes a sense of freedom with its lyrics, which DAY6 members wrote by recalling their feelings from the day of watching a music festival. ‘Out Of My Mind’ describes a situation in which one is blind with love, cannot control own emotion and flusters oneself. ‘Habits’ recalls an unforgettable lover and the memory with a rock based traditional band sound. ‘Like That Sun’ is a trendy sound with an adequate mix of Rock and EDM, allowing the listeners to be captivated with the band and electronic music simultaneously. ‘Colors’ covers the philosophical concerns about life of the members in their early 20s.

Meanwhile, DAY6 not only presents performance technique but also each member’s unique vocal, providing much more completed sound overall. The band will bring a fresh sensation in music with an optimistic energy, a confident attitude, and a unique style.

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