DAY6 [Every DAY6 Concert in November] Ƽ


- : Every DAY6 Concert in November
- : 2017 11 3() 20:00
           2017 11 4() 17:00
2017 11 5() 16:00
- : KT&G 󸶴 ̺Ȧ
- Ƽϰ: 66,000 (VAT)
- ó: YES24
- : 7 ̻ (оƵҰ)
- /ְ: ̿ǿθƮ

: 2017 10 16() 20:00 ? 24:00 (ȸ 1 1 Ű)
Ϲݿ: 2017 10 18() 20:00      (ȸ 1 1 Ű ؼڴ ߰ Ϲݿ Ұ)

* ڰ :
Every DAY6 Concert ݱ Ŵ 1ȸ ̻ Ͻ е鿡 Ͽ Ϲݱ ڰ ο˴ϴ. (2017 2~6 Ŵ 1ȸ ̻, 5ȸ ̻ )

* ϵ ID ƴ ٸ ID ̿Ͻþ ߻ϴ ( Ұ) Ͽ,
.ְ ó å ̷ Ͽ ߻ ذ 帱 ˷ 帳ϴ.

* ɸ մϴ.
ǥҿ Ȯ ǹ ź , Ƽ Ͻñ ٶϴ.
Ǵ ǰ˻ ǹ ź , Ƽϡ Ȯ ̷ Դϴ.
Ρ YES24 ID 2 ̴̻ ȸ 1 1Ÿ ϸ,
ID ȸ 1 1Ÿ ʰϿ ش Ƽ ŷ , ó ֽϴ.

*Ȯ ǹ ź̶?
ֹε, л, , , ܱε
, л ݵ ֹεϵ Ǵ ǷẸ Բ ּž ϸ,
ʵл ֹεϵ Ǵ ǷẸ Ȯ մϴ.
Ʈ Ǵ ȮϽ ֽϴ.  

- TITLE: Every DAY6 Concert in November
- DATE & TIME: 2017 November 3rd (Fri) 20:00
               2017 November 4th (Sat) 17:00
               2017 November 5th (Sun) 16:00
- VENUE: KT&G SangsangMadang LiveHall
- AGE LIMIT: 7 years old or above

PRESALE: 2017 October 16th (Mon) 20:00 ? 24:00   (1 Ticket per person for each show)
GENERAL SALE: 2017 October 18th (Wed) 20:00     (1 Ticket per person for each show)
   If you make a reservation for PRESALE ticket, additional tickets will not be available for GENERAL SALE.

*PRESALE Qualifications :
PRESALE tickets for the last half of the year is available only for those who have purchased at least 1
<Every DAY6 Concert> ticket every month in the first half of 2017.
(at least 1 <Every DAY6 Concert> ticket every month from February to June, total more than 5 times)

*With damages resulting from booking failure for PRESALE ticket with other ID that is not registered on YES24 as PRESALE qualification, the organizers and official sites will not be held liable for such damages. So please note that you should have to make a reservation for PRESALE ticket with registered ID on YES24 as PRESALE qualifications.

*Ticket must be picked up Onsite. No shipment is available.
On the show day, please bring your own original form of ID, not a copy of it, which MUST match on name of the reserved ticket and reservation confirmation receipt with you to receive ticket.
Belongings including your original form of ID, reservation confirmation receipt and ticket will be detected at the entrance.
Itll be regarded as illegal means that the more than 2 YES24 ID for each show were used for ticket reservation and such tickets shall be cancelled. (1 Ticket per person only for each show)

*What is Original form of ID?
Certificate of resident registration, Student ID, Passport, Drivers license or Certification of alien registration,
one of which MUST have a photograph.
If theres no photo attached on Student ID, you MUST bring your own Student ID with a certified copy of resident registration or a medical insurance card as additional verification. However, for elementary school students, only a certified copy of resident registration or medical insurance card can be checked.
Reservation confirmation receipt can be checked on the printout or on the mobile page.